OpenRoaming Benefits

In 2020, the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) introduced OpenRoaming, a framework to connect billions of users and things to millions of WiFi networks globally. The WBA is a global organization with the vision to drive seamless and interoperable services via WiFi within the global wireless ecosystem. To achieve this vision, the WBA facilitates collaboration between service providers, cities, regulators, and technology companies such as Adentro.

OpenRoaming has been a new way to automatically connect mobile devices to a secure WiFi network, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for both the network provider and the end-user. It does so by leveraging a federation of identity and access providers, brought together via the WBA to provide secure roaming between cellular and WiFi. 

OpenRoaming solves some of the most common challenges we face as an always-connected society. Much like device roaming on a cellular network, OpenRoaming enables a seamless connection to a secure WiFi network without the need for users to enter a username and password.  This article will cover some of the additional ways that OpenRoaming transforms the secure WiFi experience for both businesses and end consumers.

How OpenRoaming Benefits Businesses 

In this competitive market a secure, reliable WiFi network is a major advantage that will set your business apart from the rest. If you’re looking to offer your customers seamless and secure connectivity, OpenRoaming is the best option. Additionally, by improving the WiFi connection experience, your business will increase the WiFi connection rates. Why is this so important? More connected users equals more customer data and actionable insights, helping you know how to create a meaningful experience for your guests. 

Here are some of the additional ways that OpenRoaming can improve your business: 

  • Network Security: OpenRoaming uses the latest encryption technology to protect consumer data and does not have a cumbersome profile installation process that can deter guests from completing the process, so businesses can expect an increased WiFi attachment rate.
  • Increased Contact Collection: Through Adentro’s visit-based marketing platform, businesses have the ability to collect customer visit data via the in-store WiFi network. When OpenRoaming is enabled, this contact collection process is even easier. A CRM opt-in will pop up on a user’s device as they automatically connect to the WiFi. As you can imagine, this dramatically accelerates a business’ contact collection rate. 
  • Increased Data Accuracy: OpenRoaming ensures that the Adentro platform can consistently detect new and returning users entering your store. This gives you more accurate data on who actually walked into your establishment. 
  • Better User Experience:  Users will not need to go through the multi-step process of activating a profile on their device or take the risk of joining an untrusted open network. This will help build your reputation as a safe and reliable business.  

How OpenRoaming Benefits the End User 

Consumers have come to expect free WiFi almost everywhere they go. Whether it’s a restaurant, a local shop, or a hotel, consumers are looking for fast and reliable WiFi networks. However, the process of accessing WiFi can be tedious and time-consuming since users have to go looking in the settings on their device to find the network they need. Consumers may find themselves getting up to ask staff for the WiFi password when they can’t find it. Some consumers may give up altogether, using their cellular data instead. Plus, most networks have an insecure login process.

This is where OpenRoaming comes in, offering a frictionless experience for the end-user. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Automatic Connection: More and more mobile devices are being pre-enabled to automatically connect to OpenRoaming networks. This allows users to access a secure internet connection without a profile activation process. 
  • No Login Process: To access an OpenRoaming network, no usernames or passwords are required since the connection happens automatically. 
  • No Apps Needed: Unlike many other networks, users don’t need an application installed on their device to access an OpenRoaming network.
  • Security: OpenRoaming offers a secure device authentication with an encrypted connection so all users can be assured that their information is safe. 

How to Enable OpenRoaming in Your Network Through Adentro

Adentro has invested heavily in OpenRoaming because of how transformative it is to the secure WiFi experience for clients and end consumers. This option will soon be available to all Adentro customers who are interested in the benefits that OpenRoaming has to offer. If you would like to learn more about how to set up OpenRoaming at your business location, reach out to your account manager or email us at 

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