SAN FRANCISCO, November 10, 2021 — Adentro, the industry-leader in WiFi-marketing technology, has announced a new partnership with leading digital signage provider Raydiant as a means to empower brick-and-mortar businesses to customize the in-store experience through stronger customer insights. 

“Both of our platforms work off the basic truth that a brick and mortar’s success is inexorably linked to their in-store customer experience,” said John Kelly, CEO at Adentro. “Aligning our platforms and bringing Adentro technology to Raydiant customers simply makes sense.”

As merchants continue to look for new efficient ways to reach their customers, the guest WiFi network is turning out to be an unexpected yet critical piece to that puzzle, which is precisely what brought Adentro and Raydiant together. The focus of this partnership is to not only improve insights for marketers and business owners, but to truly allow them to action those insights in their communication both online and in-store.

Adentro is a marketing platform that pairs with a business’s in-store guest WiFi to create a closed-loop system offering in-store analytics, customer data collection, and even walk-through attribution for online marketing efforts. Understanding which marketing messages drive real store traffic allows Raydiant users to effortlessly update the in-store customer experience, like digital signage  — keeping messaging both consistent and effective across channels. 

“Partnering with Adentro opens up new and rare insight into customer behavior for brick and mortars,” said Raydiant CEO, Bobby Marhamat. “Adentro technology offers our brick-and-mortar customers a window into what their customers want and who they are, which is crucial to bring in more business and sales, both online and off.”

In addition to their marketing platform, Adentro customers also have the option to enroll in managed network services, which provides merchants with peace-of-mind that their guest WiFi networks are safe and reliable at all times. Ensuring the integrity of the network by managed IT professionals also creates more up-time and strong symbiosis with Raydiant digital experience & digital signage.

Raydiant’s digital signage and customer experience platform is available to Adentro customers for an additional fee. To learn more, visit

About Adentro

Adentro is a WiFi-powered marketing solution for brick-and-mortar businesses that connects the in-store customer experience to online marketing efforts. The solution was created to help businesses with physical locations dramatically improve customer acquisition and lifetime value by tracking customer visits, effortlessly building rich customer profiles, and automatically keeping them up to date. All marketing through the Adentro platform is measured with our proprietary Walk-Through Rate™, a metric that shows when someone exposed to a marketing message visits a location. Founded in 2012, Adentro serves thousands of independent merchants and leading brands like Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Bowlero Corp, and Peet’s Coffee.


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