Adentro Insights Dashboard: New Enhancements

In our ongoing effort to better support our customers with valuable data and insights, we are excited to announce new enhancements now available in the Adentro Dashboard. Specifically, the Customer Insights page (your home screen) now includes new metrics that provide a more complete picture of marketing performance and business impact across the entire Adentro platform.

Business Performance Overview


New, streamlined KPI cards now allow you to review business performance in one view. Additionally, we’ve also added a few new metrics to better relate campaign results to your business. These metrics include:    

  • (NEW) Customer Lifetime Value: Discover and monitor the average worth of your customer to better understand acquisition costs and brand loyalty. This is based on their average visit frequency over the past year.
  • (NEW) ROI: Dive into the profitability of your marketing efforts during a particular time period. 
  • (NEW) Conversions: Gain visibility into both the online AND offline conversions resulting from your marketing efforts (inclusive of both email and advertising).
  • (NEW) Revenue Generated: See an overall summary, as well as the revenue generated from email and advertising campaigns, specifically.

By default, these KPI cards will show results from the last 30 days, but you can also sort by the last 7 days, 90 days, and lifetime. We are working towards offering you the ability to choose custom time frames in our next release.

Please note that Customer Lifetime Value does not change based on the selected time period, and at least 9 months of data is needed to calculate CLV and populate the card.

The existing functionality of accessing detailed information through clicking the expansion button on the Contacts Collected card and the Adentro Walk Ins card will remain.

Location Performance

Our second big update to your home page is the new Locations module located towards the bottom of the page. Whether you have 2 locations or 20, it can be incredibly beneficial to compare performance metrics across different locations. The metrics for each of these categories will show the totaled results of both your ad campaigns and email campaigns during the selected time period.

Location Performance metrics include: 

  • Contacts Collected 
  • Walk Ins
  • Walk-Throughs 
  • Revenue Generated 

It’s worth noting that the default view of Location Performance is sorted by Walk-Throughs in descending order, but you can also sort based on the other categories by clicking on the column headers. If you’re wanting to dive deeper, click on the individual metrics for more information.

If you’re not currently an Adentro customer and are interested in accessing metrics like these for your business, we’d love to schedule a personal demo with you to learn more about your business goals and talk through solutions. Click here to schedule a call with us.


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