Personalized marketing has been on the rise since the early 2000s, and in today’s world, it’s more than a best practice, it’s a standard. In fact, 71% of consumers expect personalization, and 76% get frustrated when they don’t find it. 

For brick-and-mortar businesses, personalized marketing can be particularly challenging due to a lack of customer data. How can you know what customers want to hear if you don’t know anything about them? Adentro’s visit-based marketing platform solves that problem by revealing insights like visit times and visit frequency and tying this information back to a customer profile to allow marketers to create customer segments and, ultimately, personalized messaging. 

If you have Adentro, then you’ve already started to collect rich customer visit data through your in-store guest WiFi network. The next step is to put that data to good use. To help you get the most out of your Adentro subscription, we are going to cover two features that enable personalization at scale: Labels and Smart Emails. Adentro’s Label feature will segment your customers based on their visit behavior, and Adentro’s Smart Email feature will target those customers with personalized messaging. 

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see some of the features reviewed in this article in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

Labels: Automatically Segment Your Contacts

In order to deliver personalization, brick-and-mortar businesses need the ability to properly segment their customer lists. Research shows that segmented email campaigns can impact revenue by as much as 760%

Adentro Labels give you the ability to automatically segment your customers based on visit behavior and demographic data such as:

  • Number of visits
  • Visit frequency 
  • Day of visit
  • Time of visit 
  • Age
  • Gender

By segmenting lists based on these criteria, your business can send hyper-personalized messages that you know will appeal to your target audience. While some setup is required to define the labels and dayparts, the labeling itself happens automatically, tagging guests with the appropriate “Labels” based on your definitions.

Adentro Labels

Ready to get started with Labels? Here’s a blog post that walks you through setup so you can being automatically segmenting your customers.

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Smart Emails: Trigger Automatic Sends 

As your business grows, it’s crucial to find ways you can work smarter, not harder. That’s where email automation comes into play, helping you scale and maintain relationships without repetitive effort. While automation isn’t anything new, and most email platforms offer automation, not all platforms can automate sends based on guest visit behavior.

With Adentro’s Smart Email feature, you have the advantage of being able to send emails based on a guest’s visit behavior, which leads to more personalized communication. After one initial setup, this feature puts your visit data to good use by triggering automated sends, allowing you to focus on other initiatives. 

We recently analyzed all emails deployed from the Adentro platform in 2021. Here are a few things we discovered: 

  • Smart Emails outperformed ad hoc email campaigns due to the highly personalized nature of the message.
  • There was a 37% increase in Open Rate and more than twice the number of Walk-Throughs driven from Smart Emails versus mass email campaigns.

Ready to get started with Smart Emails? Review this post for an overview of the setup process so you can start automating your marketing.

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Using Labels and Smart Emails Together 

To set up the ultimate automated flow, you can use Labels and Smart Emails together. How exactly does this work? Let’s say you’re a restaurant who wants to specifically target your happy hour customers with an email that promotes a new happy hour special for returning customers. 

Step 1. Create a Label that automatically tags guests who visit your restaurant Monday-Friday, between 3pm-6pm during your happy hour. Be sure to set up this label in advance to allow you to amass more customers with this label over time.

Step 2. Create a Smart Email highlighting your new happy hour special and any other relevant content that would speak to a guest looking for food and drink specials.

Step 3. In your targeting designation for the Smart Email, select your new Happy Hour Label as your target audience. Guests will automatically receive this email after they’ve visited your restaurant for happy hour, incentivizing them to come back in soon.

One of the best parts of these two Adentro features is that once they’re set up, they work for you automatically. With little to no ongoing maintenance, your customers will continuously be segmented and sent personalized messages that resonate with them. 

Getting Started 

Ready to start using these Adentro features? Click here to log in to your dashboard. If you have any questions about these features, please email our support team at 

Not an Adentro customer but interested in getting started? At Adentro, our goal is to provide brick-and-mortar businesses with an all-in-one marketing platform that helps them drive measurable results. In this article, we covered just a few of the features that play a part in that, and we’d love to show you more! Click here to schedule a demo with us. 


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