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As of September 2021, Zenreach is now operating as Adentro. Click for more details.

About Adentro

Despite the significant growth ecommerce has seen over the past few years, more than 80% of purchases still happen offline. Which presents a problem for real-world businesses that have no way to connect their online marketing investments with in-store results.

Without a way to measure results, brick-and-mortar merchants are operating decades behind their online counterparts. We created Adentro to level the playing field.

Online merchants use a digital ‘cookie’ to close the loop from impression to purchase with key metrics like the click-through rate. Adentro gives merchants with physical locations the same transparency, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing with the Walk-Through Rate. By understanding the bottom-line impact of their marketing, they can make smarter decisions and run more successful businesses.


Nitin Duggal


“Even though you’d expect ecommerce to make up the majority of consumer spend, more than 80% of purchases still take place offline. The challenge businesses face is bringing the online audience into their store locations and I believe Adentro is uniquely positioned to help brands drive growth at their physical locations.”


Hugh McGoran


“What do brick-and-mortar businesses want? They want more customers walking through their door. Not clicks. Not likes. Not bots. Not somebody who maybe walked near their store. They want real human customers walking into their business. That’s what Adentro does: We deliver real customers into your physical location.”


Megan Wintersteen

VP of Marketing

“As a previous marketer for a multi-location business, we always struggled to prove the holistic impact of our marketing efforts. We knew online advertising produced a halo effect that influenced store traffic, but could never precisely connect the dots. Adentro’s technology creates that online to offline visibility, enabling our clients to be better marketers.”


Mathew Rynard

VP of Engineering

“Creating innovative technology to connect the physical and digital worlds on a global scale is something that’s exciting to be part of. And the application of that technology to enable our customers to grow and succeed is what makes it all worthwhile.”


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