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Adentro for Shopping Centers

A busy shopping center is a happy shopping center. When you can understand who is visiting and how often, you can keep them coming back and attract more shoppers like them. Adentro pairs with your existing guest WiFi network for seamless customer contact capture and connects those contacts to our marketing platform, empowering you to create campaigns and tactics based on customer visit behavior.

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Improve customer experience

Free WiFi for shoppers increases dwell time and establishes a valuable channel of communication. By using WiFi to understand visit behavior, you're also able to better serve your shoppers and keep them coming back.

Increase foot traffic

Profile characteristics of actual shoppers are a powerful way to build ad audiences. Using visit behavior as the basis for seed audiences can dramatically improve advertising performance.

Increase return rates

Bringing shoppers back is easier than bringing them in. Use shopper visit data to send timely offers that bring your past shoppers back again and again.

Know your customers

Visit behavior and profile characteristics let you create a complete view of your shoppers. Visit frequency, dwell time, demographics and other details combine for a multitude of ways to create value.

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