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Advantages of Secure WiFi include:

For Businesses

  • Accelerated customer data collection
  • More accuracy & visibility of customer visit behavior

For Consumers

  • Increased browsing security
  • Seamless network connection across business locations

Adentro makes it easy. Setup takes less than 10 minutes!

Integration is as straight-forward as updating the configuration settings on compatible access points. If your hardware is not compatible, ask about our free hardware upgrade program to get you started.

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Offer the safest browsing experience possible to your customers and staff

According to a Gallup survey, more than 71% of Americans frequently or occasionally worry about having their personal and financial information stolen by hackers. Providing a secure network at your establishment not only improves consumer confidence and dwell time, but can lead to increased collection rates, as well. Across our network, more than 52% of all consumers are actively choosing secure connectivity over unsecured open networks. Adentro Secure WiFi is built using industry-standard Passpoint technology which provides enterprise-level encryption.

Enhance the accuracy of your in-store customer data

Secure WiFi by Adentro gives you greater visibility into customer behavior. The way a device connects to a wireless router can vary significantly depending on device type, operating system, and router type. The result is that even with top-notch technology, determining a consumer's duration and activity in-store can be challenging. But not anymore. Secure WiFi is built so that all devices connect with our servers in the same, consistent manner, enabling us to provide you with even better, more accurate user data. And isn't accurate data the foundation for good marketing?

Improve customer contact collection to fuel CRM

Once a consumer completes their first Secure WiFi sign in at any one of our Adentro-powered locations, that device will automatically authenticate and connect to Secure WiFi at other locations. As a result, the automatic connection results in more users being connected to your guest WiFi and more contacts collected by you. Building this first-party database of customers allows you to develop personalized marketing campaigns based on visit behavior, targeting one-time, return, or lapsed customers.

Create a seamless connectivity experience across business locations

Consumers expect to be connected always and everywhere and Secure WiFi is the best way to link network access across multi-location businesses. After a one-time authentication process, your guests get instant secure WiFi access as soon as they enter any of your storefronts — no lag time, no passwords to remember, no friction. This seamless connectivity not only meets new-age expectations, it can also increase customer loyalty.

How It Works:

In order to connect to the secure network in your location, a customer must complete a simple one-time-only profile activation on their device.

1. Connect to WiFi

When a guest signs on to the open network, they will see a prompt in the branded portal to choose a Secure connection.

2. Download Profile

Choosing the Secure option initiates the device to download a profile. This profile is the key to auto-authenticatication.

3. Stay Connected

Once the profile is installed, guests will be automatically connected to a secure network at every location.

Try it yourself! Scan the QR code to download an Adentro Secure WiFi profile.

If you are already on your mobile device, click here.

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