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National Customer Foot Traffic Report
by Adentro

The National Customer Foot Traffic Report is the nation's premier snapshot of physical store traffic. As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's more important than ever to monitor consumer foot traffic trends across the US. The data details the increase in customer visits to brick-and-mortar businesses across the US from January 2021 to current month and is provided by Adentro technology. The first graph details the overall lift in foot traffic since January, and below you will find performance by business category.

About the Report

The National Customer Foot Traffic Report is published on a monthly basis and compares customer store visits to brick-and-mortar businesses from the current month to visits captured in January 2021. All data is sourced from Adentro. For more information on methodology, business types and other details, please visit our FAQs below:

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About Adentro

Adentro pairs with the in-store WiFi at thousands of business locations across the country to measure customer foot traffic and ultimately fuel the business's marketing efforts. With a growing network of more than 50 million consumers, we are able to understand store visit trends across categories, business sizes, and geography. For more details on the power of Adentro technology, click below.

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