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Connect digital marketing with real results: customer visits

A click is not a customer. But since there’s never been a way to know if your online marketing actually causes someone to visit your business, retailers buy clicks and hope.

The Adentro Walk-Through Rate™ changes all that. It tells you the number of people who respond to your marketing by actually walking through your doors.

Measure what matters

Real-world retailers care about customers, not clicks. The Walk-Through Rate gives them a powerful metric to better understand the bottom-line impact of their marketing. Each customer who visits after seeing a marketing message is counted. With detailed reporting, marketers can tune their emails and ads for maximum impact.

The cookie for the offline world

The ability to track a customer from seeing an ad to making a purchase helped ecommerce explode. Cookies, small text files stored on visitors’ computers, are the key to online tracking. They remember information and keep track of preferences. They measure visits to web pages and recognize when someone returns. What brick-and-mortar businesses need is a cookie, but for real people walking into physical locations.

How the Walk-Through Rate works

95% of Americans own a mobile device and prefer to use WiFi when it’s available. A WiFi signal can be used like an offline cookie to track customer visits. When a customer returns to a store after seeing a marketing message, that visit is considered a Walk-Through.

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