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Guaranteed Return on your Ad Spend.

Connect digital marketing with real foot traffic to grow same-store sales.

By gathering customer data as they connect to guest WiFi in your physical locations, Adentro provides businesses with omnichannel insights into your customers’ behaviors and affinities.

This data-driven approach helps you build enriched customer profiles, optimize marketing strategies, and drive customer engagement and loyalty​.

Impressions, clicks, and likes are misleading for retailers that rely on real foot traffic.

Adentro’s Walk-Through Rate™ measures customers driven to the store location by their digital campaigns, offering a more accurate assessment of marketing effectiveness. 

This unique capability allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns for tangible, on-premise results, enhancing the overall return on marketing spend and maximizing the lifetime value of your customers​​.

When customers connect to guest WiFi, their visit data is captured and used to build enriched customer profiles.

These enriched customer profiles are used to build effective marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, CTV, email, SMS, and mobile notifications triggered by visitor behavior. Our All-in-one platform provides a comprehensive interface where businesses administer and monitor online and offline campaigns. 

We amplify your first-party data with our vast database of nearly 100 million customer profiles to create and refine your ideal customer segments.

Adentro also collects data from customers who connect to guest WiFi at thousands of other participating locations, aggregating this information into a vast database of nearly 100 million detailed profiles. This data includes demographics, visitor behavior, and affinities, enabling retailers to target their ideal audience segments precisely.

By analyzing these profiles, retailers can develop targeted marketing strategies, enhance customer engagement, and optimize their marketing spend for real-world results, all while ensuring data privacy compliance and security.

Our platform is designed to help your business thrive:

Branded Guest WiFi Portals

Easily collect customer data with personalized WiFi access.

Custom Audiences

Reach the right customers using our nearly 100 million verified profiles network, covering 1 in 5 US adults.

Cloud Dashboard

Access powerful analytics and insights to better understand and engage your customers.

Customer Email Databases

Build and maintain a strong database of customer contacts for effective outreach.