POS Integration Benefits

A point-of-sale (POS) system is the lifeblood of any brick-and-mortar business in today’s modern era. While these systems were initially created to expedite the checkout process for customers, POS platforms have now evolved into a valuable tool for tracking other aspects of business. 

Regardless of what POS system you have, you’re likely among the majority of business operators who want to extract more value from their POS data. Though these systems can give you insights into things such as AOV (average order value) or TLV (total lifetime value), they’re unable to tell you what revenue was driven from your marketing campaigns and into your registers. 

That’s where a POS integration with your marketing platform comes into play, serving as an easy and effective way to understand customer behavior and marketing impact. By integrating your POS with a marketing system like Adentro, you can close the loop on your marketing efforts by tracking them all the way through your point of sale transactions. 

This article will dive further into POS integration benefits and why using a marketing system like Adentro is so valuable.

POS Integration Benefits

1. Better Understanding of Customer Behavior

Without integrated systems, your business collects segmented data that doesn’t tell you the whole story. Your marketing platform detects customer information that your POS system misses and vice versa. For example, POS collects the raw sales data associated with every transaction, including purchase amount and products bought. A WiFi marketing platform like Adentro, on the other hand, collects visit data such as visit frequency, visit recency, etc., and a customer’s email address so you can engage with them. When these systems don’t talk to each other, you’re left with a fragmented overview of your customer base.

To better understand your customers, you need to integrate the technology. When Adentro integrates with a POS system, it can align the transaction details with the customer visit data, helping you build the ultimate CRM. This combined data is important because it allows you to target customers based on new criteria. For example, you could create lookalike audiences based on your highest spending customers so you can target and attract new high-quality guests. Or, as you understand which popular menu items appeal to which customer segments, you could personalize the messaging in your retargeting campaigns to these different customer segments. 

2. Stronger Insight into Marketing ROI

Historically, it’s been a challenge for brick-and-mortar establishments to tie their in-store results back to marketing efforts. They have visibility into the revenue metrics their POS provides, but they have no clue if those results are correlated to a particular email or advertising campaign. This has left businesses to rely on approximated data based on AOV or other metrics that can only show an estimated average. 

Fortunately, by combining your marketing platform data with your POS data, you can gain incredible insight into your ROI. For example, when a platform like Adentro can pull transaction data from a POS, it can tell you exactly how many walk-throughs and how much revenue a particular marketing campaign drove. This helps you understand marketing impact and the difference in spending between the customers who saw your marketing messages versus those who didn’t.

3. Accelerated Collection of More Accurate Data

When you have two different platforms tracking customer data and these two platforms don’t talk to each other, there’s a lot of room for data issues. You may run into duplicate data or human error as you manually upload data between platforms. An integration solves these problems by creating a connected marketing ecosystem. You’ll get a more comprehensive view of accurate in-store behavior as your POS system and marketing platform automatically combine customer information into one profile. 

Your marketing platform also might not capture everyone who enters your business, so you’re likely missing out on the opportunity to market to part of your customer base. To accelerate data collection, an integration will pull in email receipt data from your POS system. This will build your CRM at a faster rate and increase the recognition rate of walk-ins so you can know precisely how many people are coming through your doors. 

POS Integration Benefits

Getting Started 

If you’re looking to pull more valuable data from your POS system, don’t wait—let’s get integrated today! Adentro integrates with partners like Square POS, Clover, and more. Get started to better understand your guests, launch more effective marketing, and increase ROI. 

If you’re an Adentro customer, visit our Apps page in your Adentro Dashboard to learn more and set up the integration. 

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