Today I have the distinct pleasure of announcing that Zenreach has become Adentro. This transformation represents more than a name change, it marks a new beginning.  

The company that I joined three years ago is not the same company that it is today. Back then we had been primarily focused on enabling merchants to collect customer contacts, marketing to those customers (primarily through email), and then demonstrating the performance through our walk-through metrics.  During the past 3 years, our industry has undergone some tremendous changes — the deprecation of online cookies, consumer privacy legislation, COVID-19 closures and pandemic mandates. And like most of you, we have had to adapt to these changes at an unprecedented pace.

Today, we are still proud to continue to offer those industry-leading services; however, on top of that foundation we have built so much more. Some of those developments include: 

  1. Secure WiFi.  We now offer secure WiFi connectivity. Your consumers can now safely browse websites without having to worry about the security of their connection. In just a few months, we have become one of the largest secured commercial networks.  
  2. Walk-Through Advertising. We have enabled merchants to leverage the power of online advertising to drive more in-store customers. We now have the ability to put an online advertisement in front of  a consumer, know that they have seen it, and know when they walk into one of our locations. Further, we have developed the world’s first dashboard that shows, for any advertising campaign, the number of online interactions (clicks/conversions) and offline interactions (walk-throughs).  
  3. Consumer Privacy. As advocates for consumer privacy and protection ourselves, we made the decision to move forward with efforts to enable consumers to have the highest confidence in us. We purged unnecessary data, built a consumer privacy portal, and certified our compliance with the industry’s highest standards of protection (GDPR and CCPA).  
  4. Consumer Insights. We have made enormous investments in data science and consumer insights. Now, we enable merchants to track their consumer traffic, and also to compare that to national trends and benchmarks via our National Foot Traffic Report. For advertising insights, we can, in many cases, report out with incredible granularity the number of people going to a particular location after seeing an online ad. Further, we can show consumer visit frequency, lost consumer counts, and even lifetime value of consumers.  

In sum, we have become a very different company, and we thought it only fitting to adopt a new name to reflect that change.  

I am excited to announce that going forward, Zenreach will now be known as Adentro — which, not coincidentally, means “inside” in Spanish. This new name speaks to our unique ability to connect marketing capabilities and analytics to real-world physical storefronts and real people visiting those businesses. The name reflects the inherent authenticity that comes from inside each and every one of our employees. And finally, the name solidifies our purpose to support businesses of all shapes and sizes by connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Now, more than ever, we seek to elevate our brand, product, and services to assure you with the same great quality you’ve come to expect from us—starting with our website. Our new domain at should be your go-to resource moving forward, as will be retiring in the coming weeks. 

We want to thank you for joining us on this journey of evolution and we look forward to continuing to help you grow your business and create more value for your customers.


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