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Don’t let customer data be the missing piece of your pie.

The tide is finally starting to turn: visits to pizza and Italian restaurants are up over 49% since January. As businesses continue to reopen and customers have more options, building your competitive advantage will be imperative for 2021. And we’ve got just the tool to do it.

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Adentro is a WiFi-powered marketing platform that connects the digital & physical worlds to enable greater insight into your:

which means you can drive stronger business results.

More Effective Marketing at Your Fingertips

Boost in-store customer data collection

Adentro pairs with your in-store WiFi, creating a branded sign-on portal to capture the emails of customers who sign on. Plus we can also identify anyone who's previously connected to an Adentro network at any of the thousands of other locations we serve. This extended reach helps you market to a wider audience of highly qualified people who have already shown strong interest in your business because they’ve literally walked through your doors.

You’ve never seen insights like these before

Get real-time access to insights about the customers in your locations: see dwell time, visit frequency, peak hours, demographic breakdowns, and more so you can slice and dice your customer segments for ultra-effective marketing. When it comes to understanding your customers and what they respond to, leveraging in-store data with Adentro is second to none.

Trigger marketing based on visit behavior

Whether you want to welcome first-time visitors or retarget lapsed customers who haven’t returned in a while, Adentro allows you to set up automatically-triggered emails and ads based on customer visit behavior. Target customers with the right message at the right time based on visit frequency, total spend, and beyond.

Measure performance on actual store visits

Rather than relying exclusively on legacy metrics like impressions and clicks, Adentro allows you to measure Walk-Throughs™—that is, customers who actually visit your location after being exposed to your marketing. We have the ability to tie Walk-Throughs™ to emails, social media ads, programmatic ads, and connected TV ads.

“Adentro has become an integral piece of our marketing mix here at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. It's not easy to close the loop on ad metrics with a goal of driving physical traffic to a brick-and-mortar business, but that's exactly what Adentro is able to do.”

— Sydney Vassal, Director of Marketing

Pizza establishments who run advertising with Adentro see significant lift in performance across the board:

2020 By the Numbers:

A real-world case study: Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Brixx, which operates nearly 30 locations across the Southeast, called on Adentro to employ audience segmentation and targeting to reach their business goals. In this case study, you’ll learn how we helped boost the brand’s marketing efforts by:

  • Implementing Adentro across multiple locations for by-location performance
  • Reporting on in-store foot traffic attribution for multiple social and display campaigns
  • Exceeding target ROAS by 25% and cost per Walk-Through™ target by 12%
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