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Huge changes are shaking up location-based marketing:

Are you doing what you need to do to protect your ROI?


Devices will only share approximate location data rather than a user’s precise location.


Reducing the level of granularity means that the accuracy of GPS data for user tracking will be reduced even further.


Apple will be sending out more frequent push notifications to alert users when an app is tracking their location.


By providing users with more opportunities to opt out of data-sharing, Apple is essentially assuring that data collection will decrease as a result.


Google and Apple will be blocking 3rd-party cookies in their browsers within the next two years.


Without the ability to use cookies to track users’ online activity across different sites, online retargeting as we know it will essentially cease to exist.

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New announcements from industry giants like Apple and Google have made one thing clear: we live in the age of consumer privacy and the advertising landscape is about to change forever. In part two of our two-part white paper, we examine the imminent demise of third-party cookies, how these new changes are impacting consumer targeting, and why collecting true consumer identity is more important than ever.

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Get the scoop on new challenges in location-based advertising

While location-based advertising has always suffered from transparency issues, new changes within the industry are also calling the accuracy of top data sources into question. In the first part of our two-part white paper, we’ll provide an overview of location-based advertising data sources, explore the pros and cons of each, explain the changes happening within the LBA industry, and discuss why using WiFi is the best option for both targeting and attribution.

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3 Vulnerabilities of location-based marketing data

The recent Apple iOS 14 update’s limitations on GPS tracking and Google’s announcement on blocking 3rd-party cookies will significantly impact the reliability of location-based marketing data. This webinar can help you understand the key differences among LBM data sources to help you maintain the targeting accuracy and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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