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What is offline marketing attribution?

Offline attribution allows businesses to see how their customers, and potential customers, react to a digital marketing campaign in the real world. It measures the performance of your programs against your specific end goal, for example new customer visits, and shows how much each part of your marketing contributed to the result.

Offline attribution can also help you understand performance metrics such as time to conversion, average time spent at a location (dwell time), lifetime customer value (LTV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), return on investment (ROI) and customer loyalty. These insights are useful for strategic and campaign planning.

Digital advertising gives marketers the ability to track and measure online success measures such as impressions and clicks. However, a physical visit is much harder to measure than a website visit. Because 90% of retail purchases are still made offline, bridging the gap between online marketing and offline results is important to marketers. 

Merchants have used solutions like coupon redemption and offer codes for years, but these options are giving way to more precise technology-based alternatives. Smartphones are a powerful tool for marketers looking to understand customer behavior in the physical world thanks to location data. This data comes from a number of sources, including:

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