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Leverage the Adentro Audience Network for your next campaign.

Tap into pre-existing affinity groups or create a custom segment for your next campaign.

The integrity of our audience data is second to none. With more than 50M+ consumer identities and behaviors across thousands of business locations and places of interest nationwide, the Adentro Network is the best first-party source for location-based advertising. 

We offer the unique ability to create custom audiences based on:

  • Visit behavior
  • Visit frequency
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • … and more!

Discover pizza lovers, coffee addicts, health-conscious consumers, foodies, movie goers, sports enthusiasts and more based on real customers visiting real businesses across the US.

What makes Adentro different? The power of branded WiFi experiences enabling first-party relationships with consumers.

Recent changes in iOS have significantly impacted the accuracy of GPS as a reliable source of location data as well as limited the sharing of third-party location data across apps, resulting in the degradation of data quality with respect to customer location. However, since the Adentro Network is built using WiFi technology installed in thousands of business locations and places of interest, we remain immune to these industry disruptions and are able to deterministically tie consumer visit behavior to specific locations. That means zero modeling and extrapolation. Only actual purchase affinities enabling true people-based marketing at scale.

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