The Social Diner uses Adentro to prove ROI for clients

Andrew Voirol became an Adentro partner in 2017. His agency, The Social Diner, specializes in marketing and IT management solutions for the hospitality industry. His services include social media management, email marketing campaigns, website design and digital advertising, like Google AdWords. He also helps some businesses manage their online reputations.

He got his professional start with technology as a teenager. He says, “I did everything from software development to hardware engineering to collaborative design solutions for large Fortune 500s.” At the same time, he fell in love with the food and beverage industry and has tried his hand at most restaurant jobs, from bartender to chef.

When local restaurant owners started asking, “Who can help me with this digital marketing stuff?” he saw an opportunity. Combining his technical expertise with a deep understanding of his clients’ businesses has made
him one of Adentro’s most successful partners.

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The Challenge

Many small businesses in this space don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do marketing well. Digital marketing is especially challenging because a lot of the tools needed to do it effectively are expensive or difficult
to learn. For these reasons, agencies like The Social Diner are in high demand.

However, these agencies all face a similar problem. Marketers serving brick-and-mortar retailers often have a tough time proving their work drives customers in. If a marketer can’t show how they’re bringing people through the door, they will be shown the door.

The food and beverage space also relies heavily on comment cards, fish
bowls filled with business cards and other antiquated methods that are
painfully manual and not effective. Andrew knows his email marketing efforts depend on good contacts, so getting clients to switch to a more effective practice would make his life easier.

An important service Andrew offers is reputation management. He helps
monitor and respond to customer complaints online, but sometimes there
is a lag in the time it takes to respond to customers, resulting in a negative
customer experience. A more responsive process would help him improve
this offering.

Andrew has to prove ROI to grow his business and ensure his clients’
investment in him is paid off with real value. He says, “I wanted to be able to use digital tools in a way that gives offline conversion measurements against our digital advertising campaigns.”

“We want our customers to make money off technology, not just spend money on technology.”

Andrew Voirol, Owner, The Social Diner

The Solution

Adentro helps businesses achieve never-before-seen customer visibility at the store level and grow sales by connecting real-world behavior with online experiences. It uses WiFi to automatically record customer visits and build rich profiles, eliminating the need to manually collect contacts. Guests provide their email addresses for WiFi access through a branded guest WiFi portal. This fits perfectly into Andrew’s needs because, as he says, “We want our customers to make money off technology, not just spend money on technology.”

By accessing rich data, Andrew is able to create targeted messaging and promotional offers relevant to his client’s customers. If he sees someone who hasn’t been in for some time, or has a special event coming up such as a birthday, he can send them a perfectly timed offer to encourage them to come back. He knows what is working because he can measure the results that literally walk through the door.

For some of his clients, Andrew uses Adentro to manage customer satisfaction and reputation, solicit feedback and get real-time alerts about bad experiences. By being quick to respond, businesses can remedy issues before they become bad reviews and channel positive experiences into preferred review sites to build reputation.

The Results

Adentro has given Andrew a new set of tools to better serve his clients. With Adentro automatically collecting contacts, his clients’ lists are always growing and refreshing with the most up-to-date info. This ensures communications are sent to the best possible pool of customers. With Adentro, Andrew can show how many customers come back after an email is sent using their Walk-Through RateTM, a proprietary metric that gives real insight into whether customer visits the physical location as a result of a marketing message.

Additionally, the ability to intercept negative reviews has been a huge asset for his clients. He says, “It’s tough to quantify, but the average is about a 33% increase in overall star ratings.” Adentro gives them a way of venting before they go online to sites like TripAdvisor. Andrew adds, “Positive feedback has been increasing since we’ve implemented Adentro.”