Shopping center leverages guest WiFi for stronger marketing

Grossmont Center, located in La Mesa, California, attracts thousands of visitors a day to its top-notch retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment offerings for all ages. This outdoor shopping mall is a community-focused place for people to meet up and have a good time.

Contacts collected
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New contacts collected each month

The Challenge

Grossmont Center’s marketing team uses email to advertise events, promotions and special announcements. However, they had a difficult time getting people signed up to their mailing list. Shoppers had to be at specific locations where employees collected info using a manual process that took time and it took months to collect just 400 emails. 

Because of this, most shoppers weren’t learning about everything the mall had to offer. And since all they collected was an email address, they weren’t able to deliver relevant campaigns and offers.

“Adentro enabled us to collect thousands of emails. Now we can reach out to our customers directly and share all the exciting events, restaurants, shopping and experiences that Grossmont Center has to offer.”

Lori Moore, VP of Marketing

The Solution

Grossmont Center started using Adentro to collect contact information through their free guest WiFi. When someone logs in to the network, they are asked for their email address in exchange for free WiFi. They can connect anywhere throughout the 939,000 square foot shopping mall. They don’t need to be at a certain location and their information doesn’t have to be manually entered.

The marketing team sends out targeted messages about new restaurants, events in support of nonprofits like the San Diego Animal Support Foundation and special holiday sales. The ability to automatically track customer visits, build rich customer profiles and directly measure customer visits allows them to know what is and isn’t working for their community.

The Results

By using Adentro, Grossmont Center has grown their email list from 400 to over 30,000. This has lead directly to a significant increase in attendance at special events and better awareness of promotions and announcements. 

They no longer rely on handwritten collection methods, which has freed up time and resources to test and perfect new marketing methods. Visitors now receive relevant and meaningful content, leading to more return visits and better in-store experiences