Tao Group partners with Adentro to throttle customer data collection

Tao Group Hospitality is an upscale restaurant and nightlife company responsible for developing and operating some of the world’s most distinctive restaurants and event venues. Tao runs successful branded concepts around the globe in locations including New York, Las Vegas, Sydney, and Singapore.

Full view of a Tao Group property, lots of diners with dim lighting and Asian-inspired decor.

The challenge

With so many brands spread across a large geographical area, the Tao Group needed a way to comprehensively understand their guests in order to be able to market to them more effectively based on their location and which brands they were engaging with. 

Up until the company began working with Adentro, the only way Tao was capturing customer information was through its brands’ various websites and from reservation systems—no in-store customer data was being collected at all. This approach left a significant gap in the Tao customer profile, as the majority of their patrons were engaging at physical locations over their online properties.

The solution

As a starting point, Tao had Adentro implement its Walk-Through™ marketing solution at the group’s first Chicago location prior to its grand opening in the fall of 2018. The goal was to capture in-location data on this new customer base, since the rest of Tao’s footprint was in other cities.

After seeing success in the Chicago location, where Adentro was collecting between 500 and 600 emails a month, Tao decided to implement the solution across 31 additional venues in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

>15,000 new customer contacts collected per month

The results

Once the other locations were added to the platform, the number of emails collected exploded to between 16,000 to 18,000 unique contacts each month. Additionally, Tao was able to observe and understand crossover visitation patterns across their various business locations—which opened up a host of previously unidentified (and unidentifiable) cross-brand marketing opportunities.

Not only was Tao able to build their first-party customer database by capturing customers at their physical locations, they were then able to leverage this information to create more effective marketing for years to come.