Bowling center uses Adentro to modernize their marketing

When you think of Pinheads Bowling Center in Fishers, Indiana, think family fun, entertainment, and a great spot to host your next event. Pinheads is known for serving over 30 craft beers, hosting bowling leagues for all ages, outdoor volleyball courts, luxury arcade, and local live music. With a wide variety of guests of all ages who enjoy participating in different activities, Pinheads lacked an efficient way to collect customer contact information and ensure guests received news and promotions based on their interests.

Contacts collected
Return customers
Walk-Through Rate

The Challenge: No time to spare

Before Pinheads started using Adentro, they were collecting emails through comment cards and event signups, then manually segmenting lists “the old-school way.” Zack Carrie, Director of Bowling Operations & Marketing, recalls spending hours each week sifting through illegible handwriting to type email addresses into a spreadsheet, while he needed to be spending his time running daily operations. After talking with a friend in the industry about his challenges, his friend recommended that Zack try using Adentro instead.

“Adentro makes it easy to automatically segment our contact lists so that we can target our league bowlers, arcade gamers, volleyball players, and beer lovers with content that appeals to them. The ease of contact collection and targeted messaging frees up time to run our bowling operations with my full attention.”

Zack Carrie, Marketing Director

The Solution: Right up their alley

Zack plugged in his two Adentro access points and couldn’t believe how quickly his contact list grew as guests connected to the free guest WiFi. Pinheads started accumulating a rich database equipped with demographic
analytics and visit behavior. Zack and his team used these analytics to better understand their target demographic and built their marketing plans, ads, and billboard designs around these findings.

The Result: Striking big

Pinheads collects 450 new emails each month through Adentro, amassing
over 5,500 new customer contacts in the past year. Their targeted message
blasts and automated smart messages reaching first time and lost guests
have brought back 6,700 customers–a 20% Walk-Through Rate!

Additionally, Adentro continues to change the game for Pinheads by helping them manage their online reputation in real time. With Adentro, Pinheads continues to grow their programs and events to keep customers coming back for more!