How Adentro Helped This Ruth’s Chris Franchise Outperform the Rest

With more than 100 locations nationally, Ruth’s Chris strives to facilitate unforgettable experiences through fine dining and steak dinners. One of their larger franchise groups, Big Steaks Management, started utilizing Adentro for data collection and advertising in 2019 and is now amongst the top performing franchise groups nationwide.

Ruth's Chris Franchise

The Challenge

Like many restaurant chains their size, Ruth’s Chris was investing in both digital and print advertising with the goal of increasing new and repeat guests. Even though these are considered tried-and-true tactics for restaurant marketing, they were still unable to understand the impact of these campaigns on their bottom line. The franchise ultimately needed a way to tie in-store guest visits to their marketing efforts and until they had a way to fix this significant gap in their data, their campaigns would remain unmeasurable.

The Solution

On the hunt for a solution, the team engaged Adentro and grew interested in the prospect of increased customer data collection and Walk-Through™ attribution. Agreeing to test the platform in one location, they initially started capturing guest contact information in exchange for access to the WiFi network through Adentro’s customizable branded portal. Since starting with Adentro, this Ruth’s Chris franchise has collected more than 10k contacts per year.

Next, they began using Adentro’s email features to better understand the impact of their email campaigns on physical restaurant traffic. “I like how it’s super user friendly, and that I don’t have to be hands-on with designing emails,” says Deanna Faid, Manager of Creative Design. Seeing the power of attributing email campaign performance to guest visits had them convinced. It was time to start applying the power of visit-based marketing to their digital advertising campaigns.

Ruth’s Chris began running digital ads with Adentro and immediately noticed an uptick in their performance. Because the Adentro marketing platform pairs with each location’s guest WiFi network, it’s not only able to monitor in-store guest behavior, but it’s also able to attribute guest visits to marketing exposure. This data allows the team to accurately measure bottom-line business impact and create more targeted and personalized ad campaigns.

Return on Ad Spend


“As soon as we started advertising with Adentro, we noticed our sales go up and couldn’t pinpoint anything else that made that happen except you guys,” says Faid. After seeing great results at the initial location, they quickly onboarded all nine locations in the Big Steaks Management franchise group on to the Adentro platform and increased their advertising investment.

Adentro gave the Ruth’s Chris team direct visibility into what marketing efforts were working versus not working, which led to increased confidence and, ultimately, growth with Adentro advertising.

“As soon as we started advertising with you, we noticed our sales go up and couldn’t pinpoint anything else that made that happen except you guys. Even through the pandemic, it’s continued to be effective – the highest praise I can give you. We invest more in you than any other digital advertising.”

Deanna Faid, Manager of Creative Design at Ruth’s Chris, Big Steaks Management

The Results

Adentro has become Big Steaks Management’s primary advertising partner, outperforming the other channels and services they’ve invested in and helping them grow into one of the top-performing Ruth’s Chris franchise groups across the entire country. Even during the pandemic, when many restaurants faced overwhelming challenges, these Ruth’s Chris locations were able to drive as high as a 9:1 return on ad spend.

“You help us quantify what is actually driving more sales and identify what is making that impact, driving measurable lift in our stores that have historically struggled,” Faid said. “Marketing is about butts in seats, and you guys actually make that happen and help us measure it.”