Cultivating loyal customers

Max Brenner is an international chocolate brand that offers its customers innovative and immersive chocolate experiences. Max Brenner has become a destination for chocolate lovers. Using Adentro, Max Brenner has dramatically grown its contact list and built opportunities for enhanced engagement with its most loyal customers.

Contacts collected


Prior to using Adentro, Max Brenner lacked an effective method for tracking their customers and communicating with them through targeted messaging. Contact information collection was limited to in-person submissions by restaurant patrons and a passive e-newsletter signup through the company website.

As a successful international brand with dozens of locations, Max Brenner has a robust customer base, but they knew that by not directly engaging their repeat customers they were missing a golden opportunity to grow their business. In Adentro, Max Brenner found a comprehensive solution that empowered them to boost their contact list and personalize messaging aimed at creating more loyal customers.

“Adentro makes it easy for you to monitor your database and to communicate with your customers! It’s a vital element of our communications strategy.”

Azadi Siemens, Marketing Manager


Tens of thousands of email addresses have been collected through free WiFi offered at multiple Max Brenner locations, creating opportunities for interactions with new, repeat, loyal, and lost customers alike.

Adentro gives Max Brenner the power to leverage customer visit history and create customer profiles based on public information associated with customer contact information including name, age, and location. New customers automatically receive welcome emails and all customers receive a birthday message complete with in-store discounts.

Automated smart marketing lets Max Brenner harness demographic data in order to personalize content such as menu items, recipe cards and product features as well as targeted communications about special announcements.


Max Brenner is watching their smart contact list grow daily, and as their
automated marketing engages more people with customized interactions,
new customers are becoming repeat customers.

In Max Brenner’s New York location alone, 5,000 visitors in a high-tourist area became repeat customers in seven days or less over the past 12 months. This exemplifies the power of Adentro.