Car wash boosts customer loyalty and engagement with Adentro

Adentro boosts unlimited car wash program enrollment for a 5-location car wash group in Tennessee. 

Walk-Through Rate
Contacts collected in 30 days
New contacts per week

The Challenge

A car wash group in Tennessee needed a way to easily grow their customer contact list to get the word out about their unlimited car wash program. A key revenue driver for the brand, the unlimited wash program allows members to wash their vehicle as many times per month as they want for a low monthly price. With a mix of express and full service wash formats, capturing valuable customer contact information during quick visits proved to be a challenge. 

After learning about Adentro’s WiFi-powered marketing platform, their marketing director hoped it would be the solution they were looking for. But while he was confident that customers at the full-service washes would regularly connect to WiFi, he was skeptical that WiFi connections would happen as often at the express locations. With quick visits under 5 minutes and no waiting area, it seemed unlikely that many guests would join the WiFi network.

“We got onboard with Adentro because we were looking for a more centralized way to collect and manage our customer contacts. Since signing up we’ve been very impressed, collecting over 1,400 new emails in just over 30 days. We were also able to effectively get the word out on our Unlimited Car Wash Program and boost gift card sales.”

Marketing director for 5 car wash locations in Tennessee

The Solution

To get quickly up and running with Adentro, the car wash group installed OpenMesh access points at each location for optimal outdoor WiFi coverage. Adentro also provided them with WiFi decals to place on support beams, vacuums, office windows, and brochure holders throughout the properties to encourage guests to go online.

The Results

Within the first 30 days of using Adentro, the car wash group more than doubled their total database size by collecting over 1,800 contacts. Their Marketing Director couldn’t believe that the express properties were the top collecting locations, averaging over 16 emails per day per property. 

Adentro enables the car wash group to run targeted promotions based on customer visit behavior, which was a capability they didn’t have before. Using custom Smart Emails, they now automatically engage their customers after first, second, and third visits with emails promoting how to get started on the unlimited car wash program. Additionally, they market their other services and ask for feedback about customers’ experiences.

Not only have they seen an uptick in unlimited wash memberships, they’ve also been able to gain valuable feedback to improve their services. Using Adentro’s offline conversion metric, the Walk-Through Rate (WTR), the Marketing Director now knows which messages result in the most customer visits, with top blasts resulting in a 41% WTR.