Bar & Restaurant Group Ignites Customer Data Collection with Adentro

Founded in 2007, Four Entertainment Group (4EG) is a 15 location group comprised of bars and restaurants throughout greater Chicago and Cincinnati. As 4EG expanded in both physical locations and subsequent customer volume, they experienced difficulty in effectively marketing to their visitors and cultivating loyalty amongst all customers – new and old. With Adentro, 4EG found a solution to seamlessly collect up-to-date contact information and demographic profiles for their customer base while ensuring personalized messaging to all who walked through their doors.

Contacts collected

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Adentro, 4EG lacked an effective email collection method to easily apply across their multiple locations. Up to that point, their strategy for building their email list relied on the use of written raffle tickets tethered to prizes and other incentives. 

Due to its manual nature, this labor-intensive collection method was time consuming, represented only a small percentage of their customer base, and provided little to no insight into who their actual customers were. 

As 4EG’s managed portfolio grew, the need for effective communication with their customers became apparent in order to leverage their growing sphere of influence.

“Adentro automatically tracks guests’ visiting patterns and identifies customers who are lost versus those who are loyal, allowing us to treat them appropriately in our marketing. Our email database has grown dramatically and the customer demographics Adentro provides helps our managers and marketing team better understand our customers and create the best 4EG experience possible.”

Ryan Gac, Marketing Di

The Solution

Right out of the gate, 4EG experienced an increased email collection rate through Adentro’s branded guest WiFi portal, customized for each location. From these emails, 4EG gained insight into customer visit history and demographic profiles–based on public information associated with each customer’s email address including name, age, gender and location. 

Using this data, 4EG created customized smart messages triggered by visit history collected through Adentro’s marketing platform. 4EG’s businesses now seamlessly collect email addresses and effectively market special offers and promotions to the right customers at the right time.

The Results

Adentro helped 4EG build their email database to over 63,000 contacts and customer profiles. 

Equipped with automated messaging to encourage visitors to come back and boost loyalty among repeat customers, 4EG’s marketing team has seen over 13,000 customers return as a result–a 20% Walk-Through Rate™.