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National retailer leverages Adentro to identify, segment, and retarget in-store shoppers

Online retargeting has long been a successful marketing technique for ecommerce retailers. But can you apply these same tactics to in-store visitors? 

The short answer: yes, you can.

The Adentro WiFi-powered marketing solution has helped one omnichannel retailer realize a return-to-store cost of less than $8 per visit and an ecommerce ROAS (return on ad spend) of over 5:1.

Download this case study to learn how brick-and-mortar retailers can: 

  • Identify and track customer behavior passively via WiFi
  • Collect customer contact data and build customer profiles for targeting
  • Retarget in-store shoppers with social and display ads to drive omnichannel results in the form of in-store Walk-Throughs and online conversions