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The 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide for Restaurants

As we enter the 2021 Holiday season, it’s no secret that the ongoing impact of COVID-19 is still creating unprecedented levels of uncertainty and challenges for the restaurant industry and across the board. But have you considered how it’s also impacted the consumer landscape?

Psychologically consumers are in a much different frame of mind than last year. The pandemic caused significant disruptions to the typical routines that consumers had previously established. Being creatures of habit, this year consumers are looking to re-establish those routines wherever possible, which means that the level of open-mindedness and willingness to try new restaurants this season should be greater than ever before.  And with customer foot traffic to food and beverage establishments (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.) up 36% since January 2021 and rising, the restaurant industry is experiencing a moment in time where attracting and retaining customers is critical.

In an effort to support restaurants during this pivotal moment, we’ve put together a guide to help you shape your Holiday marketing plan, accounting for both new customer acquisition and increasing visit frequency for your existing customer base.

In this guide we will cover:

  • Customer insights for restaurant marketers, including foot traffic trends and the most influential factors when deciding to try a new restaurant
  • Key planning strategies and tactics for customer acquisition
  • Tactics to increase visit frequency of loyal versus casual customers

Download the guide for more details.

Download the Holiday Restaurant Marketing Guide