Evin Gelleri is the quintessential small business owner. He spends almost every single day, from morning to night, in his restaurant, Sessions at the Presidio. He can usually be found checking in with customers, helping out the kitchen or spinning a dozen other plates. He has a pedal-to-the-floor schedule that doesn’t leave much time for marketing.

But it’s not just his schedule that’s in the way. Modern marketing has become a round-the-clock challenge thanks to the explosion of marketing technology. This has given businesses a powerful set of tools, but most of this tech is developed for desk-bound professionals who don’t have to worry about being one server down on a busy lunch rush.

Brick and mortar business operators are often on the floor, putting out fires (sometimes literally). They have limited time to analyze and tweak their marketing efforts on a daily basis and might not be able to respond to customers as quickly as they should. That’s why we developed the Zenreach Mobile App.

Increase your mobility

The app is simple to use and we’re always improving it. It puts the power of Zenreach right into the busy hands of business owners, managers and marketers. And it grants anytime access to real-time info about your customers and their behaviors.

The app puts the ability to do all of the following at your fingertips:

    • Receive real-time insights that make it easy to know who is in your store at all times
    • Monitor customer feedback and respond right away
  • Send email campaigns from your mobile device

Once you have the app on your phone or tablet, use the it to squeeze marketing into your schedule. For example, if you’re waiting for a delivery, make your time more productive by reviewing your marketing results and crafting email blasts.

Know who’s visiting

The app gives you instant access to information that can be useful to watch when you are away from your computer. For example, you can see whether a social media influencer, lost customer or someone who previously left a negative review has returned.

This gives you a heads up to make sure your service is on point. If you notice a really great customer is in, acknowledge them and give them a special treat. This could be a discount or a free beer. If it’s a notorious hater, give them over-the-top service and see if you can turn them around.

Manage your reputation

Zenreach’s reputation management tool is one of the features users love most. Customers can be sent a review request. If they choose 4 or 5 stars, they’re encouraged to share positive feedback on preferred social sites. If a guest chooses 1-3 stars, a notification of the complaint is sent in real time, allowing the issue to be resolved before it’s shared online. Imagine receiving a valid complaint and rallying your staff to correct it on the spot!

Get the word out, anytime

The newest mobile app feature gives users the ability to create custom email campaigns on the go. They can be sent in real time or scheduled for later. This gives marketers a chance to work on customer communications whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

If you’re having a slow day at your location, try sending out an incentive offer on the spot. You might write something like, “Next 20 customers who come in get 20% off.” You can experiment to learn what offers are most compelling.

Get mobilized today

If you’re already using Zenreach, download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The flexibility to work from everywhere on your mobile device will help move marketing from something you don’t have time for to something you can always squeeze in. So what are you waiting for? Start squeezing.

Once you have the app installed, just use your Zenreach login credentials to log in. We’re here to help at support@adentrodotcom.wpcomstaging.com.