Kai Umezawa Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast

“The future is not something that happens by accident; the future is built.”  —Kai Umezawa 

Our co-founder and VP of Product, Kai Umezawa, recently sat down with Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable. It’s one of the most informative podcasts out there for food and beverage operators. Eric regularly features industry leaders who are experts in everything from marketing to running kitchens. It’s a high-energy show that’s packed with info. 

Episode (#665) covers how Kai went from the University of Waterloo, to huge companies like Google and Facebook, his mentor Jack Abraham, and helping retailers solve the problem of online to offline marketing attribution. For businesses that advertise digitally to drive in-person store visits, this is definitely exciting. 

If you’re involved with restaurant marketing, you’ll learn how to improve guest data collection, develop personalized outreach to guests, and leverage in-store data to build high-performing ad campaigns. 


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