The Adentro team is excited to share an important piece of news: we’ve made some substantial upgrades to our ads reporting dashboard that will help our clients get a more complete picture of campaign performance. We recently hosted a webinar demo of the new dashboard, which you can watch here.

Our product team has beefed up the dashboard metrics to provide you with deeper visibility into the performance of your advertising campaigns, including:

  • New reporting on campaign performance by week or by custom date range
  • View your top-performing creative based on Walk-Throughs, revenue generated, and ROAS
  • Reach and frequency metrics are now included at the creative, ad format, and channel level
  • More in-depth demographic insights into the customers engaging with ads, as well as chart views for easier data visualization and analysis
  • The new map visual showcases top-performing locations by Walk-Throughs and revenue generated, allowing for a geographic birds-eye-view into the performance of specific locations
  • A new trend line feature displaying cost per Walk-Through and ROAS

We’ve also updated the terminology of the metrics we measure. Here’s a quick overview of those changes: 

  • Walk-Ins → Adentro Network™ Walk-Ins
  • Visits → Registered Customer Walk-Ins
  • Walk-Throughs → Adentro Walk-Throughs
  • We will no longer be reporting on Walk-Bys

To further elaborate, instead of counting total Walk-Ins, we will now be reporting on Adentro Network™ Walk-Ins only. These Walk-Ins are individuals who have previously accessed an Adentro WiFi network—whether it be at that specific merchant or elsewhere across our client base. We can no longer accurately report on devices that have never connected to an Adentro WiFi network.