Customer identity and behavior, understood easily online, are much more difficult to track in the offline world. This creates a massive blind spot for real-world and omnichannel retailers trying to serve their customers. 

Zenreach’s mission is to help businesses with physical locations eliminate this blind spot, know their customers better and run smarter businesses. We want real-world retailers to have the same ability as ecommerce businesses to understand behavior, optimize digital marketing and accurately attribute results.

The key is the Zenreach Network.

The Zenreach Network                                          

The Zenreach Network is made up of thousands of business locations and tens of millions of people who have opted in to enjoy free WiFi. It’s growing by more than a million users each month.

Each network location has one or more WiFi access points where members connect to the internet. By pairing the unique MAC address in a mobile device with the member’s email address, Zenreach-powered businesses are able to know when customers visit. Every time a customer visits, whether or not they connect to WiFi, their visit is recorded when the in-store access point signals its availability to the customer’s device.

Just like an ecommerce site that uses digital cookies to understand customer visit behavior, Zenreach businesses are able to use visit behavior to drive digital marketing that is more personal and relevant to their customers.

But the Zenreach Network also allows them to ‘see’ customers they would otherwise miss. Network members who visit Zenreach locations are anonymously visible and can be reached through digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and even display networks. In most cases, this capability increases a merchant’s customer recognition rate by more than 60%.

Zenreach is uniquely capable of closing the loop from online impression to in-store transaction using our Walk-Through Rate™ to measure the number of customers who visit a business location after seeing a digital ad or email. 

The Zenreach Network is 100% opt-in and produces first-party data. The data is never shared nor sold. In accordance with emerging privacy expectations, members have visibility into their information and can choose to opt out at any time.

New possibilities for real-world merchants

For the first time, real-world merchants can use digital marketing just as effectively and efficiently as ecommerce businesses. By digitally ‘knowing’ more of their customers and their visit behavior, they can take advantage of sophisticated digital marketing strategies that weren’t possible before, like retargeting, behavior-based segmentation and lost customer re-engagement.

The Zenreach Network allows you to find more customers like the ones already visiting your business. By recognizing more of their in-store customers, merchants are able to do a better job finding the best potential customers online. Their increased recognition rate lets them build much richer seed audiences for lookalike targeting. They are able to reach people already in the vicinity of their locations and emphasize segments that visit most frequently.

Online retargeting, digitally connecting with customers who have visited but may not have purchased, also becomes possible. Anonymous targeting allows you to build audiences of people who have visited but are otherwise invisible and unreachable. The same approach can be used to reach loyal customers who have stopped coming in.

Unmatched accuracy

The Zenreach network uses WiFi access points and integrations with in-store systems, like point-of-sale, to directly measure visits to network locations. Direct measurement allows our access points to report location, dwell time and other data with reliable accuracy. 

Alternatives rely on mobile app data using GPS signals. Mobile apps report location only intermittently, and as a result the data includes many false negatives and false positives. 

False negatives occur when someone visits a location but isn’t counted. For example, a customer might see an ad online then visit the business. But unless a participating mobile app is running with location services enabled the visit won’t be counted.

False positives occur when a visit is reported, but didn’t occur. GPS accuracy is variable and often reports visits to locations that are near, but not precisely inside, the reported location. Anyone who has used a rideshare service and wondered why the car showed up around the corner has experienced this.

The Zenreach Network doesn’t produce false positives or negatives because our network directly measures visits, and uses signal strength, dwell time and location configuration to ensure a visitor actually entered the location and remained there long enough for a transaction. 

Unique capabilities

The network provides 100% opted-in, first-party data that is never shared nor sold. The customers observed are real people, not digital approximations or estimates.

Real people (not cookies). The Zenreach Network is comprised of real people and their profiles rather than anonymous cookie pools. These profiles have a much longer life expectancy than online identifiers like cookies.

This means businesses can target audiences based on individual customers’ visit behavior. This targeting is extremely accurate and relevant because it’s based on data collected in-store from actual customers rather than online approximations.

Direct measurement. Network Walk-Throughs are measured directly from in-store access points. Direct measurement allows visit data to be finely tuned to each location using data such as signal strength, dwell time and store hours to distinguish a walk-in from walk-by. Direct measurement provides pinpoint accuracy by eliminating false positives and false negatives.

Privacy compliance. First-party, opt-in data is collected in a manner that exceeds global privacy standards. Since this data is never shared with or sold to third parties, and is transparently collected, it is compliant with legislation like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

Cross-channel measurement. Zenreach is the only non-native platform that can measure Walk-Throughs across platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as display networks. This offers a more complete view of advertising results and opportunities to optimize strategy for in-store performance. 

Any scale. The vast size of the Zenreach Network means it functions at virtually any scale. From individual locations to the largest national chains, the Zenreach Network provides audience recognition that is stable and accurate.

No more blind spot

The Zenreach Network fills a blind spot that real-world retailers have struggled with far too long. Customer identity and visit behavior, easily understood online, have been nearly impossible to observe in the real world. Digital marketing aimed at driving store traffic was largely a guessing game relying on indirect and imprecise signals. By giving merchants who operate brick-and-mortar locations much more complete visibility into who is visiting and when, and connecting those visits to online advertising, the Zenreach Network completely changes the game.


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