As our co-founder and VP of Product, it’s Kai Umezawa’s mission to look at what our customers require to do the best marketing possible. In this video he shares some of the biggest challenges they need to overcome: how customer data is siloed and how to get more of it. 

A lot of in-store data is siloed in different operational systems in your business. For example, you might have a point of sale collecting transaction data, a public WiFi collecting email addresses, and a loyalty app. All from different vendors. 

If it’s stored in different boxes, it’s really hard to bring it all this customer data together. Kai says, “The first thing Zenreach helps marketers do is make it really easy to bring all of this data together in one place. That’s huge because it makes everything more efficient. 

Kai, adds, “The second thing we do is give businesses a way to collect even more of that data. Most of them can only recognize a small fraction of the customers that are coming into their stores.” Not every customer puts in an email for an email receipt. Not every customer has your loyalty app. Not every customer logs into WiFi. 

Kai says, “Zenreach can can leverage our network of data across thousands and thousands of store fronts, where we can recognize a lot more of your customers than you can your own.” That helps you make better decisions that lead to better services for your customers.


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