Just last month, Director of Business Development Andrew Borella took the stage at the Wi-Fi NOW 2017 conference in Washington, D.C., where he discussed the evolving conversation on WiFi infrastructure from being primarily an IT investment to a marketing asset.

Andrew provided an overview of Zenreach as a company (including our latest financing round), and gave a rundown of 3 core value propositions of Zenreach – Collection, Engagement and Attribution.

Collection was focused on how businesses using Zenreach are able to gain new visibility into who visits their brick-and-mortar locations from a demographic and behavioral data perspective. On engagement, Borella highlighted Zenreach’s ability to automate personalized marketing messages triggered  a customer’s visit history and the ability to seamlessly export customer data into existing platforms via a robust API suite. His final point, attribution, showcased these efforts and their attribution by measuring and tracking results.

For partners, Zenreach has significant benefits:

  • The platform acts as a value-added service to WiFi, enabling Technology Services companies to differentiate their product offering via location-based insights, real-time data feeds and email marketing with demonstrable business and customer benefits.
  • Using Zenreach to provide WiFi as a marketing platform allows partners to access the budget and speed of deployment of the business units.
  • WiFi as a marketing tool so service partners can upsell to existing wireless clients and use to recruit new customers by demonstrating how to monetize guest WiFi and enhance future sales and profitability.
  • With a SaaS based pricing model, partners gain access to a recurring revenue stream proven to enhance their margin and bottom line!


Andrew Borella speaking at the conference in front of 300+ WiFi industry experts.

Partners ready to jumpstart their wireless service portfolio can learn more about the Zenreach partner programs and how Zenreach can bootstrap new service offerings by helping with installation, training, and marketing support.

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