Many business owners worry that automating their email marketing makes their business seem impersonal. In reality, when done right, email automation demonstrates to your customers just how well you know them. When you send your entire customer database the same email – the information may not be relevant to every customer. This runs the risk of customers disengaging with your emails, deleting them from their inbox, or even flagging the messages as spam. Instead, use automated email marketing to target key groups of customers with messages relevant to them.

Here are some tips on how to use Zenreach to get more out of your email marketing program, with less effort.

Engage Your Customers at Crucial Moments

Zenreach’s automated Smart Emails are triggered by your customers’ actual store visit behavior. This gives you the opportunity to contact people at crucial moments like connecting with a new customer right after a first visit, or letting a lost customer know how much they’re valued when it’s been a little too long since their last visit.

Here are some great examples of sending the right email at the right time:

    • Thank first time visitors for coming in and ask for valuable feedback about their experience.
    • Invite lost customers who haven’t visited for a while back in with a special offer.
  • Remind loyal customers to spread the word online through social media or great reviews.

Show Your Customers You Know Them

Knowing your customers goes beyond understanding when they’ve visited your business. Demographic attributes, important dates, and other information can allow you to have a closer relationship with your customers and target them with personalized content. Here are some great examples of the targeted emails sent at just the right time:

    • Before a special occasion – people like to celebrate with groups; reach out a few weeks before a special date and give a loyal customer a reason to bring their family and friends.
  • Interest groups – target customers with specific interests, like a beer of the month club by using segmented customer lists.

Be a Better Marketer

As you grow your database with new customers, automating your email marketing gives your customers a personalized touch based on their relationship with the business. You may have regular customers who come in 3x a week or customers who visit you once a month. Setting up triggers for Smart Emails based on their visit behavior allows you to automatically interact with your customers without having to actually press send, saving you precious minutes out of your day.

Using personalized, automated email marketing allows you to target customers with the content they’re most likely to engage with… in fact Zenreach customers see a 15% higher open rate from automated Smart Emails compared to more traditional email blasts.

Want to make your email marketing even more effective? Utilize the rest of the Zenreach platform to A/B test different content strategies and targeting options. Then, make sure your emails are actually bringing people back into your business. In addition to traditional email performance metrics (e.g. open rates, click-through rates, etc.) Zenreach actually shows you how many customers physically walked back through your doors after receiving an email with the Walk-Through Rate.  

Personalized, automated email marketing that drives actual customers visits and saves you time – that’s smart email marketing.