Despite  all of the progress made in ecommerce, the new rules of the digital marketplace don’t apply to the restaurant industry. In our world, if a customer isn’t in your location, they can’t spend any money. That’s why it’s in your best interest to do whatever it takes to get people to come down and check out your business.

Websites and social media are effective tools for restaurants and bars to get the word out, but these resources only go so far. It takes a lot to get people out of their house and into your bar.  Constantly offering online coupons puts a drain on the profitability of any business, so you should do it sparingly. How, then, can you get people in the door?

The WiFi Solution

Today’s technology-reliant generation of consumers needs three things– food, water, and WiFi. While the third isn’t a physical need, it’s something that many of your customers don’t want to do without.

The power of WiFi as an amenity is vastly underrated. According to Comcast, 65 percent of surveyed businesses offering WiFi state that they’ve received repeat business as a result of providing WiFi to their customers. Additionally, 55 percent of respondents stated that they received new customers because of their WiFi connection. WiFi is much more than a neat customer perk.

Use WiFi to Engage Customers

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and found yourself disappointed that they didn’t offer WiFi? Don’t let that happen to your customers. Instead, let people know that you offer WiFi, and encourage them to connect to your network.

While offering WiFi is a good first step, you also want to let people know that it’s okay to stay a while and enjoy your WiFi connection. It’s not a bad idea to place signs in your location to let people know that they can and should indulge themselves with high-speed Internet access. After all, the more time people spend in your establishment, the more likely they are to make additional purchases.

WiFi + Email = A Win-Win

The addition of WiFi can be a major coup for both new and existing customers. Of course, there has to be something in it for you. And that something is what you get in return for your efforts.

By offering WiFi access in exchange for a customer’s email address, you get much more than another avenue to send promotions. You gain the ability to calculate the real return on your investment–or your walk-through rate™. Every time someone connects to your WiFi, you’ll be able to track their visit back to their email. This will show you how many times people come back, whether your marketing works to bring them back, and how long they stay each time. You’ll have more than just a hunch that your system works–you’ll know exactly how well it works.

It’s easier than you think to set up this type of email marketing software. Companies like Zenreach offer solutions that make it as easy as possible for you to collect email addresses in exchange for WiFi. All you have to do is plug in an access point, customize your WiFi portal,  and you’re done. In just moments, you can have the ultimate tool for customer loyalty, as well as the absolute best way to track the actual effectiveness of your marketing.It’s a rare win-win that benefits both customers and businesses equally, and it’s a must if you want to take your restaurant’s revenue numbers to the next level.

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