When it comes to making your restaurant customers happy, you know that you have your work cut out for you. There are so many food and drink establishments in urban areas that competition is fierce. Customers want to know why your restaurant or bar is the one worth returning to. What do you offer that others do not?

While awesome service and food are incredibly important, the ultimate amenity for your restaurant might just be free WiFi. Why? Keep on reading to learn more about the relationship that WiFi can build between you and your customers.

Why WiFi is valuable for customers

As you probably know, people increasingly rely on their mobile devices for everything from checking email to catching up with friends. Smartphones have begun to dominate the mobile phone network–as of October 2014, 64 percent of American adults owned a smartphone–and tablets have become increasingly popular. Did you know that as of January 2014, 42 percent of American adults had a tablet?

So what are people doing on their mobile phones? Everything from checking Facebook to checking work email! That’s why offering WiFi is so important. Customers appreciate being able to access fast internet speeds while visiting a cafe or bar. It means they can enjoy themselves without having to lose contact with their business, friends, or family. Essentially, offering free WiFi is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you’re interested in putting your customers first.

Why offering WiFI is valuable to you

But it doesn’t have to end there. There are things you can do to ensure that free WiFi is just as beneficial to your business as it is to your customers.

As a business owner, we know that you’re always on the lookout for easy ways to keep your restaurant or bar top of mind for your customers so they feel welcome to return time and again.

WiFi helps you do this in two ways. First, it shows customers your dedication to their convenience and happiness. Then, it helps you build your email list and market to customers based on their behavior.

Did we lose you?

When you use a technology like Zenreach, you immediately benefit from the WiFi you provide your customers. How? In exchange for free WiFi, your customers provide an email address.  It’s that simple, but it makes building an email list and understanding customer behavior a lot easier.

For example, Zenreach can help you understand how often a particular customer comes to your restaurant and bar, who the first time visitors are, and who hasn’t been in a while. With all these powerful analytics at your disposal, you have everything you need to build a robust email marketing campaign.

Email is a convenient and effective way to remain in contact with customers. It’s relatively cheap, and highly effective. To make emails even more effective, you want to send triggered emails based on behaviors or demographics–including how old someone is, how often they visit, and how much money they spend.

Triggered emails are 119% more effective than business as usual emails, so you get even more bang for your buck. And customers prefer emails when it comes to communicating with brands! In fact, ninety one percent of customers say they prefer to receive communication from their favorite businesses via email than other channels.

Email marketing is an effective and affordable way to speak with customers and invite them to return to your restaurant. Offering WiFi in exchange for an email address helps you provide an expected amenity while getting something valuable in return: an email list full of customers who want to hear from you.

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