Kai Umezawa is Zenreach’s co-founder and VP of Product. He’s been thinking about location-based marketing since he was in college. His passion is at the heart of what we do. In this video, he describes where he thinks the field is right now. 

Many marketers lean on third-party location data to be more intelligent about targeting customers, and figuring out if their marketing is working. 

Kai says, “Most marketers don’t realize that they don’t have to rely on third-party data to understand their customers.”  They already have first-party data, collected in their stores, that can help them understand their customers a lot better. All they have to do is use it.

The future is moving away from third-party data because it’s just a best guess at who your customer is. Kai says, “First-party data is better because it’s a direct reflection of the people that are coming in your stores, every day.”


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