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Throughout the pandemic it’s been clear that a large portion of the population has serious concerns about brick-and-mortar businesses’ health and safety practices. 

In this environment, it is critical that merchants take precautions to alleviate consumer apprehension. Many states and localities have issued mandates or guidelines around sanitizing work areas, social distancing, wearing masks, and more. However, simply taking these precautions is not enough.

With the population on edge, it’s imperative that merchants lean in to these changes with more than just what is minimally required. After all, the more businesses that adopt these changes, the more consumers will begin identifying them as standards. A very important (yet often overlooked) callout involves contactless menus. A 2019 study determined that 77% of diners check online menus prior to dining, and COVID-19 has put a gigantic spotlight on in-restaurant digital signage.

While adapting to new sanitation and capacity standards can be challenging and costly, ensuring that your customers are able to access your menu in a safe way doesn’t have to be. Thousands of businesses have opted for contactless menus since the beginning of the pandemic, which allows consumers to feel increasingly safe while cutting the cost of daily menu printouts.

Adentro Contactless Menus

While many companies charge a premium for a contactless menu solution, you can use your Adentro WiFi portal to simply redirect customers to your online menu at no additional cost. Your customers will enjoy the free guest WiFi experience while you reap the benefits of accelerated data collection. 

How do we do this? By leveraging a QR code. Once scanned, the QR code redirects individuals to your guest WiFi portal, allowing individuals access with their email and then land on your online menu page. It’s literally that simple.

Visibility and accessibility are key to ensuring customer adoption of this process. Placing a QR code in visible places—such as near cash registers, on table tents, or on any other tabletop collateral—is an extremely simple and effective solution to help your customers access your contactless menu via the free WiFi. Since implementing Adentro’s contactless menu solution, clients have seen, on average, a 100% lift in contacts collected.

If your restaurant has its menu online today, implementing this feature through Adentro is a no-brainer. Please reach out to us at, and our team will assist with setup—which takes no more than five minutes.

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