As COVID-19 cases surge around the world and stay-at-home orders are reissued, this holiday season promises to be one for the history books. 

While group events and indoor dining will be restricted in many places, one thing is certain: people will lean on comforting traditions, like enjoying their favorite dishes and browsing their favorite stores online, to bring some sense of normalcy to what has been a highly abnormal year. 

Despite limited foot traffic, maintaining a marketing platform that supports consistent communication with your customers is paramount to your success during this time. Adentro’s email campaign feature allows you to keep your existing customers informed of your offerings, special deals, and changes in business hours. 

You can also continue to build your audience by getting creative with your Adentro sign-up form, an often overlooked feature. 

There are several publishing options available for your sign-up form, however, the one I’d like to highlight is the URL option, due to its versatility. Once you’ve designed your form, you can copy and paste the URL link we provide* into any social media post you’d like. 

We’ve seen businesses use sign-up forms as entry forms for contests, for VIP club access, and as a promotional tool for limited-time offers. Incentivize and reward your customers upon opt-in by customizing and enabling your sign-up form Smart Email as well. 

Head over to our Help Center and check out this article to get started. 


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