Robot assistants.

Movies in your glasses.

Free WiFi.

Technology and connectivity are raising the bar, and the restaurant and bar industry is no different. In fact, customers have come to expect free WiFi as a service 30% of surveyed customers say they would be willing to give up chocolate in exchange for free WiFi when they leave the house.

WiFi > chocolate. Who knew?

People have become accustomed to having internet access and remaining connected at all times. That means you’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you don’t offer WiFi to your customers.

Think that WiFi just leads to money lost? You’re wrong. Businesses that offer WiFi see a net positive when it comes to dwell time and money spent.

Benefits of Offering Free WiFi

Almost all real world businesses would benefit from offering WiFi to guests, but for the following restaurant types, WiFi is a no-brainer.

Restaurants That Target Millennials

Millennials spend more money eating out than any other demographic. They have disposable income, and they love going out. If you’re targeting this lucrative segment, you need to match their internet consumption habits, and that definitely includes providing WiFI. An extra bonus is that millennials love social media, which just means they could be your best brand ambassadors.

Restaurants That Have Bars (Or Are Actually Bars)

Drinks, food, drinks, and more drinks. People spend an extended period of time in bars, and the longer they stay, the more they buy. WiFi is a great way to keep people around, and to keep them happy while they wait to place their drink order. Considering the memorable and communal nature of the best bars, it’s in your best interest to ensure your phone-loving guests are able to get on Instagram, or better yet, Foursquare!

Restaurants That Use Alternative POS Systems

Whether your employees are using tablets or smartphones, for some, an alternative point of sale system is a great way to lower costs and streamline operations. If the fundamental operations of your restaurant depend on WiFi, there’s no reason you shouldn’t open it up to your guests. Not only will it garner goodwill, but you’ll be able to use it to learn more about your customers and to send triggered marketing emails.

Restaurants That Aim To Be Community Hubs

20% of businesses that provide WiFi promote themselves as community hubs – a destination for community groups like sports teams, gaming clubs, and volunteer organizations. As a community hub, you have the opportunity to build a loyal customer base. Do what you can to make your restaurant a routine destination, including providing WiFi. Remember, WiFi is essential in building connections with your guests, extending the amount of time they stay, and driving repeat visits.

Beyond satisfying the demands of your guests, WiFi has the potential to make your life easier and your business more efficiently. Consider layering WiFi with email capture technology, so days of transcribing business cards in a fishbowl become a thing of the past.

So the answer to that first question? Should you get WiFi? Absolutely.

Providing WiFi does not need to be a sunk cost that garners a measly “thank you” from your customers. Instead, it can be a powerful tool to grow engagement and revenue. To install WiFi in your bar or restaurant is to commit to a more modern, better engaged, and higher paying guest population. Monetize your WiFi today with Zenreach.

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