Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Omnichannel marketing is the concept of having a multi-channel marketing funnel that provides the customer with a seamless experience as they move from device to device and online to offline. 

In theory, building out consistent messaging, color schemes, and landing pages seems easy enough—but in actuality, achieving this harmonious customer experience across your touchpoints is only step one. The next step is being able to track those users across the multi-channel customer journey in order to understand their behavior with each of your brand touchpoints and attribute your tactics accordingly. 

Traditionally, understanding users as they move across devices or from in-store to online (or vice versa) has proven to be quite challenging: How do you see a user if they don’t allow cookie tracking? What proportion of your foot traffic is a result of people responding to your online ads?  Are all your marketing channels working well together?

The solution to these problems in the past has been to look at the customer journey as an individual experience on different marketing channels—for example, evaluating display prospecting with one set of results and evaluating in-store traffic with a different set, all while having the understanding that there will be some unknown amount of overlap. 

The issue with this siloed approach is that an estimated 73% of customers engage with multiple channels prior to purchasing or walking into a store, meaning that by looking at each channel as an individual unit, you’re missing out on the connections that three-fourths of users naturally make when moving from channel to channel and/or online to offline. 

Adentro’s Omnichannel Marketing Platform

With Adentro, we have paired our online-to-offline technology with a full-funnel marketing suite that allows for true utilization of omnichannel marketing. If you are struggling with how to properly implement an omnichannel strategy to boost campaign performance and generate revenue, contact your Adentro representative today. We would love to assist in taking your brand to the next level of data understanding and ROI.

To further elaborate, instead of counting total Walk-Ins, we will now be reporting on Adentro Network™ Walk-Ins only. These Walk-Ins are individuals who have previously accessed a Adentro WiFi network—whether it be at that specific merchant or elsewhere across our client base. We can no longer accurately report on devices that have never connected to a Adentro WiFi network.

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