If Sarah McDonald, Zenreach’s COO, were a dessert, she says she would be a pot de crème from San Francisco’s Central Kitchen. “It’s kind of creamy and sweet, and there’s a surprising salt and crunchiness that you don’t expect, but it works.”

When you speak with Sarah, you quickly uncover many interesting juxtapositions. She holds an MBA from Cornell; and she attended Le Cordon Bleu. She’s a buttoned-up C-suite operations expert with serious experience; but she also has a streak of purple hair peeking from behind her ear. She moves fluidly from descriptions of standard operating procedures she’s developed to what it’s like to sing in her all-women acapella jazz group. She says, “I think in spreadsheets, but I also believe singing and music feeds the soul.”

Sarah will be Zenreach’s first COO, which is an important milestone for the company. She says, “Zenreach is at a very exciting inflection point and I’m looking forward to putting processes in place to help the team take advantage of its momentum and scale up.”

Her career path has been fairly idiosyncratic for a technology professional. While most people bounce from Silicon Valley jobs after a couple of years, she spent 14 years at eBay. Her background building and motivating teams and creating highly collaborative environments made her a standout for Zenreach. John Kelly, Zenreach’s CEO and fellow eBay veteran, says, “Sarah is as an enabler of great ideas. She’s highly collaborative and able to inspire teams to get to end goals.”

Sarah held a number of roles at eBay but she says her favorite one was managing a Strategic Account Management team working with eBay’s largest, most valuable sellers. There, she felt she was having the greatest impact on the company’s mission to enable economic opportunity for people.This makes her well suited to support Zenreach’s mission to help customers grow their business. Sarah says, “By connecting online marketing with in-store results, Zenreach is re-writing the marketing playbook for businesses with real-world locations.”

When Sarah first started looking at Zenreach, she says it was the product and people involved that attracted her. “The idea of creating a ‘cookie for the real world’ and tracking customer visits with the Walk-Through Rate just jumped out. No one is able to offer this kind of detail in reporting. And It felt like people were all-in and energized. Culture and team were the first words out of everyone’s mouths.”

As our COO, Sarah’s leadership will be invaluable as Zenreach achieves dramatic growth and continues to build a world class team. If we’re lucky, she’ll stay with us as long as she did at eBay!

To learn more about Zenreach and Walk-Through marketing, visit Zenreach.com.


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