Facebook adjusts attribution window for online conversions

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would make adjustments to the attribution windows for online conversions within its platform, but did not provide precise timing. This move was in response to Apple’s iOS privacy changes, and essentially removes the 28-day attribution window on online conversions exclusively, now leaving only a 7-day lookback time frame.

As your marketing partner, we wanted to ensure that you were informed that this update took place a few weeks ago and outline what this means for you moving forward.

While this change is by no means a disruption to campaign performance and success, it will change what all businesses running ads on Facebook are able to report on for online conversions. Moving forward, we will only include a seven-day click/one-day impression lookback window for online conversions, whereas previously we had the ability to show online conversions driven over a 28-day period.

The good news here is that our ability to measure in-store conversions remains unphased. We will still be able to report on a 28-day attribution window, which means that any campaigns focused on Walk-Throughs™ will not experience any changes.

Finally, as part of our commitment to driving continued success for your brand, we also wanted to take this opportunity to surface a few additional considerations:

You now have a leg up on the competition

With the iOS14 changes resulting in the diminishment of third-party retargeting capabilities, Adentro’s first-party data gives you a massive advantage using offline retargeting to bring customers back to your locations. As our client, you also have the exclusive ability to leverage affinity and lookalike audiences for extended reach across your marketing campaigns. You can listen to our location-based webinar around this topic here.

Cross-channel opportunities abound

Since the changes outlined above are specific to Facebook/Instagram only, many of our customers are leveraging Adentro to run display campaigns. Running display with Adentro gives you the same 360-degree visibility into both online and offline conversions without the limitation of removing the 28-day look-back window.

Adentro is going to Vegas (and San Antonio)

We are excited to announce that we will be present at both the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas (June 28-30) as well as the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace in San Antonio (July 10-12) and we’d love to see you!

If you’re in the area, stop by to learn about the latest developments in our ongoing mission to serve clients in the food, beverage, and entertainment industries, or feel free to schedule an in-person meeting with us by contacting us via email at hello@adentro.com 


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