How to Get Feedback from Customers

Are you wondering how to get consistent feedback from customers?

As an owner, marketer, or manager, you’re keenly aware of the importance of a guest’s first impression of your business. 

Oh, yes—we see you out there, day after day, Windex-ing the fingerprints off that big front window, tidying up that mess of a host stand, and sending home that employee who came in looking like he’s yet to recover from his “rough night” out.

Believe it or not, your online reputation is equally (if not more) important than passing the white-glove, Mary Poppins test. In fact, 93% of consumers are influenced by online reviews and 85% of them trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or peer

Since social distancing and the rise of curbside pick-up for everything from food to wedding dresses have made us all the more reliant on the opinions of internet strangers when making purchase decisions, we recommend shifting your focus to more closely monitor and maintain your review sites as a key part of your marketing strategy. 

It’s tough—nay, impossible—to please everyone, and the negative review here and there is to be expected. Sure, you could spend copious amounts of time disputing them with site admins, or you can simply solicit additional reviews to outweigh the critical musings of Frank R. from Grand Rapids who, for some reason we’ll likely never understand, ordered the paella but is allergic to both shellfish and rice. (I didn’t even realize rice allergies were a thing, so thanks for that I guess, Frank.)

Adentro’s Reputation Management

Adentro’s Reputation Management feature allows you to easily request feedback from your customers as part of any communication you send through the platform. You can even target your best customers easily using “customer type” and “visit” segments within your contact list. 4- and 5-star reviewers are invited to share their great experience on your preferred review sites, while customers who had a fair-to-poor experience are encouraged to share more information so you can respond privately and make sure their next visit is flawless.

This feature is only available as part of our Classic and Build packages, so reach out to our team to learn more and score a quick demo. If you have this feature but you are not taking advantage of it, we’d be delighted to discuss best practices and provide recommendations. 

Finally, on behalf of the entire Adentro Support Team, I’d like to send warm wishes for a very happy and profitable New Year to you! 

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