Location-Based Advertising Industry

It all started back in September when Apple began rolling out its iOS 14 update: changes made to settings and notifications on users’ iPhones in the name of privacy have fundamentally altered the way apps can track users in order to serve targeted ads. For a high-level overview of changes and impact, click here.

Furthermore, accuracy issues surrounding the use of GPS data to track and target users have bubbled to the forefront. Because of the problems with location data sourced from GPS, it is estimated that 65% of all location-based advertising spend is wasted. Considering the billions of dollars spent by brands on LBA annually, this figure is mind-boggling.

If companies continue to rely on third-party location data, their marketing plans and budgets will become increasingly more inefficient and ROI will most certainly suffer.

Fortunately, there are alternatives and if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re closer to them than you think. 

Adentro’s ability to target (and retarget) audiences isn’t affected by Apple’s iOS update because our network is based on opt-ins only. We can confirm customers’ locations because, rather than rely on GPS data, we can directly observe the pings of their mobile devices via the WiFi access points of the businesses they frequent in our network.

We recently published a new white paper, The Data Dilemma, Part 1: The Location-Based Advertising Challenge, which features an overview of the shifts taking place in the online advertising industry along with tips and tactics on how to address them. Topics covered include: 

  • An overview of location-based advertising data sources and the pros and cons of each
  • An explanation of the changes happening within the LBA industry
  • A discussion of why using WiFi is the best option for both targeting and attribution

We invite you to download this document and take a deeper look into what’s happening in the world of location-based advertising so you can avoid the pitfalls so many brands are making.


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