As Covid-19 cases continue to slow and consumers look to start establishing new routines and favorite spots, restaurants have a unique opportunity to capitalize on disrupted patterns and enter the consideration set. One could argue that marketing is more important than ever to influence and capture consumer interest, which signals that competition is on the rise. In our recent webinar with Restaurant Business, we share one thing that will help restaurants rise above the rest: visit data. 

Does customer visit data inform your business decisions? 

Because it should be.

According to Megan Wintersteen, VP of Marketing at Adentro, “It’s this visit data that’s going to be the difference between the restaurants that are existing and the restaurants that are thriving.” 

Click here to watch the webinar, hosted by Adentro’s VP of Marketing, Megan Wintersteen, and Director of Client Services, Chelsea Nisbet. Read on to discover the top three highlights from their insightful presentation. 

Top Takeaways 

Loyalty programs just aren’t enough. 

“Loyalty Programs are key today because of the level of customer data they provide,” shares Wintersteen. For many restaurants, loyalty programs allow them to collect more sophisticated data, specifically visit data, that they wouldn’t have otherwise. The problem is that restaurants can’t rely on loyalty programs as their only data source. 

Even in a best case scenario, loyalty programs only capture 20%-30% of the customers who walk through your door. This means that upwards of 70% of customers go under the radar and you’re missing visibility into the majority of your database. Nisbet also explained how loyalty program data isn’t always accurate since “you’re relying on that customer to sign up and remember to use that loyalty program for every purchase.” 

New technology is changing the game. 

WiFi technology is changing the game for restaurants wanting ultimate visibility into customer behavior. “New technology is opening up how we collect customer visit data,” shares Wintersteen. “And the way that they’re doing that is through a device people have on them at all times — the mobile phone.” 

This marketing technology can be set up through a WiFi router, allowing it to detect mobile devices as restaurant customers sign onto in-store WiFI or even passively just upon entering the business. This data collection method doesn’t just capture emails; it collects visit frequency, visit recency, visit time, dwell time, dayparting segments, and more. 

Restaurants who use Adentro’s WiFi technology have additional benefits. Not only can Adentro capture visit data, but it can also tie it back to marketing results so restaurants can understand how many guests their marketing drove into their physical location.

Restaurants are seeing incredible results. 

To wrap up the webinar, Wintersteen and Nisbet shared how many restaurants are already boosting their sales by leveraging their customers’ offline behavior. To just name a few, Primanti Bros., Ruth’s Chris, and Buffalo Wild Wings have driven impressive results through measurement, acquisition, and personalization — all made possible with visit data. 

With the help of visit data: 

  • Primanti Bros. collected 67,000 guest emails in 2021. 
  • Ruth’s Chris achieved a $9:1 Return on Ad Spend. 
  • Buffalo Wild Wings drove more than 15 customer visits per day through marketing. 

Get Started 

If you’re interested in leveraging visit data for your brick-and-mortar business, the first step is to connect marketing software to your in-store guest WiFi. Click here to dive into how it works and learn how you can get started today.

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