Zenreach’s Arizona sales office is a rowdy place. The music is turned up, people are always on calls, and when someone gets a new customer, they ring a huge carnival-style bell with a sledgehammer. Honestly, it makes our mild-mannered San Francisco office seem like a library.

Our high-energy sales team has been getting it done with a lot of style and grit, but we decided it was time to harness all of that passion and focus it like never before. To do that, we’ve brought on a new Vice President of Sales, Robert Cornell.

He’ll be in charge of organizing and leading our sales team as our company continues to grow and paths to market expand. Robert has a history of guiding the growth of high-performing sales teams and preparing them for long-term success. He’s passionate about sales and excels at providing teams with the right guidance to become unstoppable sales ninjas.

Robert was drawn to Zenreach because of its technology and mission. He says, “I’ve been in the ad tech space for 10 years. What brick-and-mortar advertisers, from mom and pops to Fortune 500s, have always been looking for is a way to connect the results of their online advertising with real, in-store results.”

One of the ways Zenreach addresses this pain point is with the Walk-Through Rate (WTR), an offline equivalent to a click-through rate (CTR). It helps businesses measure how many customers come in after seeing a marketing message. This visit behavior, collected through guest WiFi, can also be used to more effectively build audiences for online ads.

Robert has over a decade of experience as an award-winning sales leader. He was most recently with SteelHouse Media, where he was able to drive impressive year-over-year growth and quintuple the size of his team. At SteelHouse, Robert increased the number of advertisers coming onboard by 35% and grew average deal size by 75%.

Before that, he was Director of Platform Sales at Varick Media, Director of Sales at Triggit and the Director of Sales for Fetchback, a part of Ebay Enterprises. Each of these companies served digital marketers in different capacities, giving him a broad range of experience with ad technologies. With Robert’s guidance, we expect to hear sledgehammer to be ringing the bell a lot more often.


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