Adentro Attract solves one of the most enduring problems for businesses that advertise online, but sell to customers in person. Online ads target audiences based on digital approximations of customer audiences, and they’re optimized to get clicks. Unfortunately, digital approximations aren’t the same as customers, and people who click don’t always shop in person.

Retailers have to rely on online signals, such as likes and clicks, to build target audiences. In reality, these signals are often misleading and don’t produce the most effective target audiences. Adentro Attract improves ad performance 4x by targeting audiences based on real customers. We then measure results based on the number of people who saw the ad and actually walked into a store afterward. We call these Walk-Throughs.

Target real people

We use the visit behavior of customers captured by in-store WiFi to build smarter audiences. We then activate media to target them on ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  Because we measure the in-store success of campaigns, we’re able to optimize results for visits, not clicks.

The product has already been in use for nearly a year with clients like Peet’s Coffee® and Johnny Rockets. With Adentro Attract, client campaigns are outperforming the industry average by almost 4x, delivering an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 10:1 compared to the industry average of about 2.7:1.

Lisa Regelman, Director of Digital Engagement and Loyalty for Peet’s Coffee said, “Adentro has given us a way to reach customers we may not have otherwise been able to, and connect our digital campaigns with measurable in-store results.”

Measure what matters most

Businesses that use Adentro Attract are able to accurately measure the success of their campaigns by tracking walk-throughs, the number of people who walk in and visit a physical location. We are able to connect ad exposure to number of walk-ins. This provides an accurate measure of bottom-line business impact like return on ad spend.

The Adentro platform was conceived to not only bring new customers in, but to keep customers coming back. Adentro Engage automatically tracks customer visits, effortlessly builds rich customer profiles and keeps them up to date. It also allows you to send messages directly to customers based on visits, special dates and profile characteristics.

Bridge the gap

While people are spending more and more of their time online, more than 90% of retail transactions still take place in brick-and-mortar businesses. That’s why it’s so important to understand how online ads affect in-store results. Thanks to Adentro Attract, retailers buying online advertising to attract customers no longer need to rely on digital estimates of ad performance.

Helping merchants understand and measure the end results of their digital marketing will help them run more successful businesses. That’s the big motivator for Adentro, and the reason we’re so excited to introduce Adentro Attract.

If you’d like to see how Adentro Attract works, check out this video.


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