Take a trip back in time with me, won’t you? 

It’s pre-Y2K. You’re awakened by the bleeping and blooping sounds of your 56k modem dialing up to the internet, quickly followed by an enthusiastic “You’ve Got Mail!” notification. 

You’re intrigued. Is it your best friend? That interesting person you met in a chat room last night? A long-lost relative yearning to reconnect? The anticipation is killing you as you wait nearly a minute for your inbox to finish loading.

Ugh. It’s Aunt Judy again, that notorious spammer, with another “forward this to 10 people or else have bad luck for 7 years” chain email.

It was true then and it’s even truer now: we want to receive relevant communication from people and businesses that interest us. Sending email campaigns to recipients who are not engaging with your content (i.e. opening your emails) is, frankly, a waste of your time. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re being ghosted!

When recipients consistently do not open your email campaigns, it impedes your ability to reach your biggest fans—and your newest fans. Inbox providers like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook pay attention to the emails their users don’t open and route messages originating from those domains to less desirable folders. 

Unfortunately, routing rules tend to be made universally—that is, for all users of an inbox platform rather than just for individual users—so this has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your email marketing. 

This is why Adentro has implemented its Sunset Feature. Once we recognize that a customer habitually avoids emails from you, we move them to an inactive state and cease delivery attempts. If they open a past email from you, well, they’re back in the game.

Adentro does not want you to let your customers go gentle into that good night, which is why we released the Inactive Customer Smart Email. Once this email is set up and enabled, it will be sent to customers who are on the cusp of being moved to an inactive status. We recommend crafting a unique subject line and including a high-value offer. This is your time to go big or go home! Need some inspiration? We drafted some fun examples for you.

As always, the Adentro Support team is standing by to provide guidance on best practices. Give us a call 8am – 5pm MST-AZ, or drop us a line at support@adentro.com.


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