Adentro’s Reputation Manager

According to OpenTable, 60% of customers read reviews before going out for a meal, a habit that takes precedence over getting directions or looking at food photos. With more and more customers turning to reviews for information, brick-and-mortar businesses must harness any and all positive feedback to drive business impact.

If you aren’t currently taking advantage of Adentro’s Reputation Manager feature, this post is for you. We’ll cover the benefits of this easy-to-use feature and show you how to set it up so your business can gain more customer feedback. 

Note: Depending on your subscription, you may not see some of the features reviewed in this article in your dashboard. Contact our support team with any questions or to make changes to your subscription.

The Benefits of Reputation Manager 

Adentro’s Reputation feature not only helps you manage reviews, but it also encourages customer reviews. Once this feature is set up, it can be added to Smart Emails and general email campaigns to prompt customers to provide real-time feedback. Unlike other platforms, when a guest leaves a review through Adentro, Adentro routes the feedback based on whether or not it was positive or negative. 

Any feedback provided with three stars or less gets sent directly to you with the guest’s contact information so that you can resolve the issue through a one-to-one relationship with your customer. Because the customer is already in your CRM, Adentro makes it easy to get in touch with the guest directly by also sharing their email address. We highly recommend using this feature to recapture guests who had a less than stellar experience and to integrate their feedback into your operation moving forward.

Adentro's Reputation Manager

Adentro’s Reputation Manager

When a guest leaves positive feedback, or any review with 4 or 5 stars, they are presented with the option to add further commentary and share their review on your social profiles like Google, TripAdvisor, and Facebook (these links can be customized based on your preferences). This helps you both monitor and mitigate guest feedback.

How to Set Up Reputation Adentro’s Reputation Manager

Adentro Labels

  1. From your Adentro Dashboard, click “Reputation” on the left menu bar. 
  2. Choose the location(s) you’d like to apply the Reputation Manager to using the Locations drop down menu on the top right of your screen.
  3. Click “Edit” in the top right corner. 
  4. Edit the Theme and add your desired Review Channels by including the link to your specific profile page’s review section. 
  5. Ensure the preview looks good and click “Save Changes.” 

Now that your Reputation Manager is set up, it’s a good idea to add a “Rating” section to your email campaigns and Smart Emails. When people submit their ratings, they’ll be taken to the review page you just created, where they can leave specific comments and share their review if the feedback was positive. Including the ability to submit a rating is especially valuable for first-time visitors, so we often recommend setting up a Smart Email for first-time visitors that includes the ability to leave feedback.

Adentro's Reputation Manager

Reputation Reporting

Once you start collecting those reviews, you can easily track results in your Reputation dashboard. In the overview section of the dashboard, you’ll see your total number of reviews, your average rating, how many positive reviews have been promoted, and how many negative reviews have been intercepted. 

Adentro's Reputation Manager

Below that, you can view and sort reviews based on the number of stars and whether or not they have comments. If you click the “reply” button on the reviews, you’ll be taken to your email platform, where you can send them a follow up message.

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Getting Started 

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