Google Chrome recently announced its plan to eliminate third-party cookies from its browser by 2022. While this may seem like bad news for many advertisers, here at Zenreach, we see upside.

We’re moving toward a more privacy-centric world. And that’s a good thing—consumers want protection and it’s in advertisers’ best interest to honor that. We believe the solution is first-party data collected in your store. This is data collected directly from customers who know you and are familiar with your brand.

Zenreach has always built our marketing products using first-party data. And we’ve taken the point of view that the best data is first-party data captured in your store. That data represents real customers. 

The good news is that it’s never too late to start collecting first-party data. Whether through your WiFi, point of sale or in-store apps, you want to make use of this information to understand and build stronger relationships with your customers. 

Digital marketing and advertising isn’t going anywhere. Watch this video of Kai Umezawa, our head of product, describe the way forward in a cookie-less world.


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